Monday, September 29, 2008

Eye on the Prize--Visualize! By Suzanne Macpherson

My new mantra is VISUALIZE OBAMA. Because I truly believe that if we focus our minds to that outcome it will unfold. I know there are many people out there that that will connect with this idea, and I know this little bit of cyber chatter might reach them. I send it out like a little breeze rustling our consciousness.

This means turning our heads away from all the press, polls, predictions of doom, and bad news. Actuall,y it's not a bad time to just Zen out a bit, is it! Curl up with a book or sit in the sunny yard for a while, not letting it all make us crazy. Step away from the TV. Yes, I honor the stories, but for me the power lies in visualizing a better tomorrow.

I'm imagining Michelle leading tours of the White House. I'm seeing the girls romping in the rose garden. I'm seeing the Obama family Christmas tree. Hold a space for this outcome in your imagination and give it time. water it like a plant. Imagine it blooming. brush away fears and keep our eyes focused on the energy of change.

Imagine peace.
Imagine no hunger.
Imagine a brotherhood of man.

John Lennon was trying to tell us something.

Vote, Volunteer, Donate, and --Visualize


Daisy said...

I would give you a picture, but I've never successfully uploaded one in the comment boxes. So go here and take a look:

Suzanne Macpherson said...

Thank you Daisy, your page was awesome!

Keep the faith! Suz